US to pull back 11,900 soldiers from Germany: Esper

US to pull back 11,900 soldiers from Germany: Esper

The US has intended to pull back 11,900 military work force from Germany, decreasing American soldiers in the European nation from nearly 36,000 to 24,000, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said.

 Among the US troops that would be pulled back, around 5,600 will be repositioned to other NATO nations, while the rest will come back to the US with some starting rotational arrangement back to Europe, the Pentagon boss told a news instructions on Wednesday. 

 Some US powers at present positioned in Germany would be redeployed to Belgium and Italy, and others would start constant revolution operating at a profit Sea district, Xinhua news office announced refering to Esper as saying.

 "We likewise plan on pivoting forward the lead component of the Army's recently settled V Corps central station to Poland, when Warsaw consents to a Defense Cooperation Agreement and weight sharing subtleties, as recently swore," he said.


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