Hamas rejects $15 bn for disassembling arms: Official

Hamas rejects $15 bn for disassembling arms: Official

A high ranking representative of the Islamic Hamas Movement said that it dismissed $15 billion for destroying arms, as per a news report.

 "Hamas dismissed a proposition of doing a few monetary undertakings, remembering an air terminal and a seaport for Gaza for disassembling the arms of the development and changing its procedures towards Israel," Ismail Haniyeh said on Monday.

 Haniyeh, who had left the Gaza Strip 10 months prior and is as of now in Doha, offered his comments to the Qatari news site Lusail.

 The top Hamas pioneer said that the US made the proposal through a third arbiter that he didn't name, including that the proposition was a piece of the President Donald Trump's Mideast harmony plan.

 "The American arrangement is targeting setting up a secluded Palestinian element in the Gaza Strip," Haniyeh stated, including that an outsider "came to us and made the offer, yet we dismissed it".

 Hamas had held onto control of the Gaza Strip in the late spring of 2007 after long stretches of inside battling with the security powers of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. All interventions made between the Islamic development and the Fatah development of President Abbas to end over 13 years of interior division have so far fizzled. In March 2018, at that point Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah endure a blast when his escort entered Gaza, an episode that Abbas accused on Hamas.

 "Hamas won't surrender the place where there is Palestine and will never hand over its arms or stop the opposition or relinquish the privilege of return," said Haniyeh, including that it will never sell Jerusalem for cash.
 In the meeting, Haniyeh said that over 13 years of an Israeli bar forced on the Gaza Strip caused more than 45 percent of jobless and high paces of destitution.


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