Anupam Kher never figured he would get the opportunity to work with Robert De Niro

Anupam Kher never figured he would get the opportunity to work with Robert De Niro

Veteran Bollywood entertainer Anupam Kher says he never figured he would get a chance to work with Hollywood symbol Robert De Niro, and furthermore have the fortune of considering him a companion.

 Kher took to Instagram and shared an image of himself alongside De Niro, which was taken at the Hollywood star's loft in New York, and was clicked by executive David O. Russell.

Kher had a job in Russell's 2012 discharge, "Silver Linings Playbook", which included Robert De Niro in a crucial job.

 He stated: "Story of this pic: There won't be a solitary entertainer on the planet, trying or built up, who won't be a vigorous fanatic of this incredible amazing on-screen character #RobertDeNiro. As a show school understudy I had done an exceptional paper on two of his prior movies 'Mean Streets' and 'Cabbie'." "

Never in my most out of this world fantasies had I at any point thought path in 1977 that one day I will get a chance of working with him in #SilverLiningPlaybook as well as have the favorable luck of considering him my companion." .

Kher then shared the subtleties behind the posture.

 "This image was shot in his loft in New York by #DavidORussell, chief of SLP. As consistently I had mentioned for an image and as consistently he was obliging. At that point I figured it will be cool to point my finger in gratefulness towards the legend in the image," he composed. .

 He reviewed that he saw in nearly "moderate movement" that De Niro's hand was going up and pointing his finger towards him along these lines.

Miraculously David clicked the picture at that very moment. And I registered my name in the history with this pic,” he added.

“For me this will always be my most priceless possession.”


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